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About the Farm

At Sumpthin' Tuitt Farm we are experts in preparing horses and riders for success in the hunter/jumper discipline.  We pride ourselves on honesty and excellent horsemanship which we share with every client.  No matter the level of the rider or the level of the horse we have the unique set of skills needed to help you reach your goals.


Full care available, premium feeds, ample turnout, world class amenities.



Expert riding & horsemanship to ensure your horse has what he needs to become his best.

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Available for boarding clients and those who do not own their own horse.


Local & rated level events available to all of our clientele.





Why Us

Sumpthin' Tuitt Farm is a family owned and operated business, run by Tiffany Sumpter, a second generation horsewoman.  Our trainer is not only an accomplished show rider, but she also grew up learning to train horses of all ages, levels and personalities since she was very young.  Tiffany has spent her entire life living on the farm learning how to become a sophisticated rider and an educated, fair horsewoman.  Her ability to understand the horses and do what is right for each individual is what sets her apart from so many others in the industry.  She has also had a lifetime of learning to help the humans learn to bond with, understand and have success with their equine partner... helping not only the horse or rider, but the TEAM to reach their full potential.  To this day, Tiffany is an avid rider who is always looking to broaden her own education and style, in order to become the best the industry has to offer.

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"Horses get excellent and experienced care in a beautiful facility. Couldn't ask for more!" -Kayla

"Love Tiffany and her barn is awesome they take great care of the horses"  -Celia

"Sumpthin' Tuitt Farm has provided impeccable care for my horses with a brand new barn, great turnout and specific nutritional needs for each of them. Additional to the great care, the training that you will receive is top notch. Each lesson you will be challenged and come out a better rider. Highly recommend the STF program for riders of any level."  -Lauren

"Best horse instructor ever. The grounds are well kept, they have restrooms, an office for parents to use, and the barn is simply gorgeous."  -Jeff

"Tiffany is the best trainer and barn manager I could ask for! The facility is stunning and very well kept. My horse has the best of care, his condition has improved dramatically since moving into STF. Tiffany and her parents live on property, so I never worry about my horse. Ken and Molly (Tiffany’s parents) are not only some of the friendliest people I have met, but they also are very knowledgeable about horses as well. My riding has improved immensely with Tiffany and I have learned so much in the few months since I moved here. The people here are so welcoming, I couldn’t ask for a better barn family. This barn is drama free, well kept and the trainer is very knowledgeable with years of experience. There’s nothing I would change. This is truly a perfect barn!"  -Emmalia

"Amazing barn, professional staff, wonderful horses. Such pride in what they do and it shows!"  -Gena

"Great farm, great people, great trainer"  -Jorge

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