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Location:  5450 Millwood Rd.  Cumming, GA 

Tiffany:  269.377.4275

About Us

Sumpthin' Tuitt Farm is family owned and operated since we opened our doors (officially) in 2015.  Though STF has only been around for a few years, our family is not new to this industry.  STF is managed and run by our head trainer, Tiffany Sumpter, who has been a lifelong rider and competitor.  Tiffany's parents, Ken and Molly Rheynard, use their 30+ years of running their former farm, Around Tuitt Farm, to help Tiffany care for the horses and assist with coaching the lessons.   STF is also lucky to have Tiffany's husband, Blaine, who takes impeccable care of the farm, keeping it safe and beautiful.  Together we combine our rich history in the horse industry to bring the best care and training possible to our clients and horses.