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Location:  5450 Millwood Rd.  Cumming, GA 

Tiffany:  269.377.4275


 at STF

Sumpthin' Tuitt Farm offers an equine paradise for your horse's stay here.  Our priorities for horses in our care are daily (8+ hour) turnout, premium quality local & imported feed, impeccably maintained footing, clean and safe barn environment.

What's Included

Full boarding at STF includes one dry stall that is cleaned daily with fresh shavings added.  Water is always fresh and waterers are cleaned daily (clean water available at all times while turned out).  Horses are fed 2x's per day local & premium imported hays along with premium quality grain.  Horses are turned out daily for 8+ hours individually or with a buddy in one of our pastures with high quality, new, fencing.​  During the winter months we will help keep your horse comfortable by blanketing as needed.

While boarding your horse with STF we take the time to work with each client to customize the feed & supplement program to ensure that each horse thrives.  Also included in your boarding is holding for farrier, veterinarian, chiropractor etc.

Additional Services

Training / Lessons / Shows / Clinics

Training, lessons and horse shows are offered by our Professional trainer, Tiffany Sumpter.  Our services are offered in addition to boarding at our facility, and are encouraged!  <LEARN MORE>


STF now has an in-house Bemer system which we use to help horses relax, recover and heal after hard workouts and shows.  Bemer is also helpful to target injured areas and allow healing from the cellular level.  Our Bemer services are available in at a low monthly (unlimited) cost, a one-time-use fee or also available to horses who do not board at STF for an additional price.  <LEARN MORE> 

Medical/Rehabilitation Care​

We always strive to keep horses healthy and sound, but sometimes accidents happen and horses require extra care.  Rest assured that we are here to help with ice therapy, packing, wrapping, medications and any other needs your horse may have.

Clipping & Grooming

STF can capably perform any clipping or grooming service that your horse may need to keep them looking sharp and comfortable throughout the different times of the year.


On-site laundry services are available so that clients don't need to wash their horsey items at home.

Client Amenities 

  • Tackroom Space:  Organized space for bridles, saddle, pads and trunk available to each person in our secured, climatized backroom.

  • Bathroom:  Bathroom available in the main barn.  This space is climatized and includes a shower.

  • Lounge/Office:  Our lounge/office space is climatized and includes a large fridge for drinks, microwave, sink, a place to sit and relax (or do work for those busy parents!).

  • Arena:  Lighted with impeccably mainlined footing & full set of jumps.

  • Grooming:  Hot/Cold wash racks with double fans and heaters.

  • Limited space for hacking out in fields and on trails.