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Proudly Offered For Sale...


The Basics:

Age: 2011 

Breed:  Warmblood

USEF:  5442446

Papers:  We do not have them in hand, but we have a copy.  


Cairo is a beautiful horse with a temperament to match.  He has taken care of his rider for the last 3 years and is extremely forgiving to mistakes at the jump.  Cairo is easy to be around, clips, loads, you name it, he is as sweet as they come.  He is well mannered at the show, but would probably benefit from one pro ride or warm-up class.

Even though Cairo has an extremely forgiving temperament  he can get a little strong (especially in the colder months) and should have a rider with some strength and is not for someone very weak and timid as he does have big movements and a powerful (yet comfortable) jump.  The reason that Cairo is priced so affordably is that, despite his beauty, he does not have full flying changes.  Indications are easy, but the change is simply not there.  He would suit a talented rider on a budget or an intermediate rider in a program.

Priced for Sale in the Low 5's, Lease possible but but preference given to a Sale.

For more information please contact Tiffany
269-377-4275   -

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