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Proudly offered for Lease...



Age: 2011

Breed: Hanoverian 

Height: 16.2

Gender:  Gelding

USEF:  5218506


Shown up to 1.25m with a pro.  Done up to 1.15m with Amateur.  Would like to find him a job doing 1.0m

Funds Required

Off Site:  Low/Mid Fives

Special consideration and discount to anyone wanting to keep him at STF

More about Westen...

Westen has been a dream horse to have in the barn, and if there's a way to keep him here we would love to find it.  He has been in our program since he was 2 1/2 years old.  We started him and raised him up into the 6 year old jumper classes when his current owner took him over.  Westen is as honest as the day is long.  He will go into any stadium and get around.  Liverpools are no problem for him.  He has easy changes and flatwork, he is exceptionally comfortable to ride.  In the barn Westen is a gem and a giant ham.  You can do anything you want with him.  Bathe, clip, load, take selfies, stand for the vet or farrier.  He loves people.  Even though Wetsen has shown up to 1.25m, we would like to find him a job bringing someone up to the 1.0m or preparing someone for the 1.10m.  That height is where he is most comfortable.  Very special consideration would be given if we found him someone to do that job at his home barn, where he has simply been a cornerstone in our program.   Please contact Tiffany at for more information or text 269-377-4275

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